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Personalized Cancer Medicine

Every patient, and every patient's cancer, is unique. So treating two people with the same type of cancer in the same way will not always yield the best results. Cancer is ultimately a disease of the genes, and new technology and insight now allow us to conduct genetic analysis of tumours, which is often the only way to confirm the specifics of the disease. Knowing these specifics is crucial to a patient receiving the most customized and best treatment.

The Princess Margaret is on the cutting edge of Personalized Cancer Medicine, and is translating new understanding gained in the laboratory into more effective treatments for our patients. Donated funds are directed towards our doctors and scientists, who are focused on four areas of Personalized Cancer Medicine:
row 1 image Detect: Detecting cancers early leads to better outcomes. We are working on new molecular imaging technology that can see tiny cancers, and discovering new biomarkers – indicators of cancer that can be detected through blood and serum tests.
row 2 image Diagnose: Analyzing cancers more precisely will lead to a better understanding of each patient's disease and more customized and effective treatment.
row 3 image Target: Targeted surgery, radiation and drug treatments will focus on the cancer and leave healthy tissue intact. New treatments such as immune therapy will also add to better survival rates.
row 4 image Support: By providing programs and strategies to help patients and their families live with cancer and with the side effects (both physical and emotional) of cancer treatment, we will reduce stress and improve the patient experience.